Nice Guys Finish Last

by Penelope Smallbone

I used to go out with Nice guys. I guess I thought it was the right thing to do… after all, who doesn’t like things that are nice? A Nice guy who brings flowers, calls promptly, and who is dependable and sweet; seems like every girl’s dream! But there’s one thing I’ve learned over time: If the only word you can think of to describe something is “nice” then it’s probably not that great. And truth of the matter is, I got pretty bored with all those Nice guys.

Like every other young woman, I started dating jerks. The slightly dangerous, rough and tumble, risky boys who don’t always call and who don’t always do the right thing and yet for some reason women keep coming back and practically begging for more. (This concept works in reverse, too. I once snuck out of a guy’s bed at 3am without saying goodbye. He called the next day, right on cue, and didn’t stop til he had earned another date with me.)

At this point in my life I offer no useful insight as to why women choose the bad boys. I guess it’s about the hunt — the chase after the unattainable. For me, I just don’t feel like I’m ready to be in a safe relationship. The thought of coming home every night to the same person makes me yawn, and the thought of that person doing exactly what I expect each time flat out puts me to sleep. All I can say is that there are probably a lot of really great guys out there just waiting to be discovered, and for another 6-10 years they’ll just have to wait it out until after the others have won the race.