Southern Charm

by Jane Moneypenny


In my years of dating, I’ve come across two kinds of guys: Midwesterners and Southerners (I have yet to date a northerner or Californian). I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s just something different about southern boys. They hold open doors, pull back chairs and always insist on paying. Generalization? Perhaps. Old-fashioned? Maybe. But I will openly admit to loving that southern charm quality. I’m not one of those girls who demands these customs, but when a man stands up when I leave the table, my heart always skips a beat. Platonic or romantic, southern guys just have a way about them. They may be loud crazy drunks and a bit frat-like at times, but ironically, those are the boys I’m not afraid to bring home to the parents (even in our 20s, we still call our friends’ parents Mr. Joe or Mrs. Jane). My favorite are the ones with the slight twang and I’m not talking about the over-dramatized Hollywood version.

When I’m out with a southern boy ā€“ even if he’s a friend’s boyfriend ā€“ he pays for me even when I continually insist otherwise. After all, I’m an independent single woman of the 21st century! The best part of the deal? They rarely expect anything in return and are happy to be in my company. There’s a level of gentlemanly respect (which to some women, may come off as not being treated as an equal).

Midwestern boys, on the other hand, have a rough exterior and by walking through the door first, view you as just another person. Not that he doubts your femininity, but there’s no need for chivalry. Although my heart belongs to southern men, I think my lust is for the other. More often than not, I’ve had pure raw chemistry with some guy from Illinois that loves the football team I hate. In the south, it’s not uncommon for girls to be huge sports fan; college football rules there, after all. But anytime I’ve come across one from the meadowlands, he’s intrigued and fascinated and turned on by my love of ESPN. Bantering and trash talking commence which leads to smoldering stares and hot hate hook-ups.

Some girls you just mess around with, some you date and the others you marry. I think this may be the case in my ongoing “Midwest vs South” findings. Until I find a nice charming Southern boy (with a little edge in him, of course; can’t be ALL nice guy), I think I’ll continue having unadulterated lusty flirtations with those Midwesterners.