if u want 2 c me again, u should prbly call…

by Penelope Smallbone

When I moved to NYC I begrudgingly accepted the fact that text messaging would soon become a significant part of my life. After all, you can’t reach someone while they’re underground in the subway, so a text is the *perfect* way to leave a message.

I’ve always preferred a live conversation to a series of abbreviated, lackluster texts. (with the exception of extremely well thought out one liners…) But for some reason men in today’s society feel that to fulfill the “call after [insert appropriate number] days rule,” a text message is the same as a phone call. I just want to put this out there: It’s not.

I have recently realized the vast amount of time that I waste waiting for a text message reply. Think about it. You send one message. Wait 5 minutes……. and after what seems an eternity, the little buzz goes off to alert you that you have “received 1 new message”! Congratulations! Oh, the excitement!!! Then you send a response. And wait…….

How long does this go on?! Even if you are “busy” doing other things during a text message “conversation” your mind is still focused on the messaging. So I ask, how much energy do we waste on this meaningless form of communication? When you get down to it, you’ve engaged in hours of conversation with another person with few of the normal social actions that apply to a human relationship, such as eye contact, tonal cues, sounds, smell and touch. And over the course of that time, you’ve really only exchanged about 100 planned words. For some reason though, we’ve come to associate that exchange with a great deal of meaning. Just think about how many times you’ve gone back to analyze what he wrote in a text to you. Ooh, 13 abbreviated half-words that secretly mean “I think you’re really great, and even though I’m playing it cool by doing what’s convenient for my schedule and not actually calling you, I’m hoping that you’ll want to get with me later so we can hookup and I can continue to not call you.”

Sound like bull shit? That’s the point.

A word to the wise… If you meet me once and ever want to see me again, you’d better pick up the damn phone and dial my number because I will not be responding to your half-ass text.