Some More Thoughts on Relationships

by Penelope Smallbone

(What else would we write about here?)

I live in New York City. Brooklyn, to be exact. (The good part, not the suburban-esque portions.) This means several things for me:

1. I am not a Manhattanite. This makes me “un-datable” for many men who will not date outside their borough. Sad, but true.

2. I pay cheaper rent.

3. It is harder to get people to come to my neighborhood since it is only one stop further on the subway but across a river, which makes it “far.”

The downside here is that I LOVE my neighborhood and am pretty neighborhood-centric, which, I know, makes me just as guilty as the midtown men who won’t date outside Manhattan. But let’s be honest here. If you’re going to have a casual relationship with someone (I’m not talking about Love, because all rules change when you’re in Love with someone) you want them to be close to home. Commuting is a real bitch. And really I’m not up for putting that much effort into a relationship right now.

So what does it all mean? What’s the point here? Well, I’m not sure that I have one, but I do know that I have lately been very frustrated with the dating scene. I feel like I’m always meeting people, but they are not the right types of people (obviously, or this post would have a very different tone).

My dad always says, “Just keep doing the things you like to do and you’ll meet plenty of people who like to do them too. And maybe one day you’ll meet one that you really like.”

My theory as to why this hasn’t happened yet is because I meet a lot of men in bars. I guess “going out drinking” is “something I like to do.” But, really, I do not expect to meet a great guy at a bar when I have been drinking, so I’ve been trying to look elsewhere. But they aren’t elsewhere! I can’t seem to figure out where single (and looking) men go… I don’t think I’m on the right trail. Any suggestions?