It’s Raining Men!

by Penelope Smallbone

When it rains it pours…

In this blog, I think I’ve made a small mention of the fact that it’s been awhile for me. Ahh, but then the magic of the Superbowl. My roommate and I set out for the local sports bar in hopes of finding some attractive young men. Because hey, if you’re not going for the football, commercials or half-time show at least go for the hot men who are, right?

So I ended up chatting it up with a very very cute boy at the bar. Let’s just say he’s a die hard Patriots fan and he barely caught any of the game. 🙂 We eventually came back to my place and did some… stuff… Later that night I get another text from the infamous bartender. Perfect timing, eh? And earlier that night I got asked out for a coffee date later this week. Oy vey!

My prediction? I will never hear from the football guy again, the texting will continue with the infamous bartender without any hope for an actual meet up, and I’ll go on the coffee date with a guy I’m not really attracted to and will end up back in the same boat I was in a few days ago. Dry spell — here I come! I can feel you creeping up already…

In other news, I found out today that one of my best friends in the whole world is engaged. She lives 1000 miles away, but even over the phone I found myself shrieking at a pitch so high a dog could barely hear it! I kind of surprised myself. Though I’ve seen this engagement coming, I didn’t expect to be SO happy for her. She didn’t expect it either, what with all the negative comments I’ve been making about men/women/relationships/love lately. But I realized just because it’s not something I want for myself right now doesn’t mean I can’t be completely happy for those who have found it and do want it. (so maybe I should stop bitching and just act happy?)

Don’t get me wrong, I still think my 22 year old cousin who is getting married and buying a house is freaking out of his mind… But the point is that even though things don’t always work out the best for me, I’m pleased to find I still get excited and romantic about the idea of Love.