by Penelope Smallbone

I’ve started to become a more confident and aggressive dater. Lately I’ve been on an honesty kick, and have demanded the same from those who wish to date me.

Take Mr. Superbowl. Instead of laying around and waiting to inevitably be pushed around by the dreaded “text,” I outright told him not to text me. When he didn’t call all week I was worried that I had gone too far, or that he thought that calling was too much effort or something. But then on Sunday night, he called. A quality phone call, too. Left a quite lengthy, polite and informative voicemail. I dig it. I just called him back and we had a nice chat. Going out Friday night!

Second example is ManBag, a boy I met on Friday night who was carrying a messenger bag all night. We had a great time, hanging out and dancing the night away. At the end of the night he asked for my number and I told him:

me: I’ll give it to you, but in the spirit of being honest with one another, are you actually going to call it?
him: Of course! when do you want me to call?
me: How about tomorrow?
him: Ok, I’ll call you tomorrow or Sunday.
me: No….. You can call tomorrow.
him: Ok. I’ll talk to you tomorrow then.

And he called! Also had a nice conversation, and we are going out this week.

So I’m thinking… Maybe being honest and assertive creates the illusion of power that people are attracted to. And just like everywhere else in life, not everyone is going to like you, but the ones who do will thank you for it.