Update: Mr. Superbowl strikes Again

by Penelope Smallbone

In case you’ve forgotten about the boy I met at the Superbowl event, I’ll remind you that I believed he would never call. Not only did he call, but he also set up a date with me squeezed in after the end of his trip and the night before I left on mine. Well, he got stuck in his foreign city for the night and we had to postpone for the following week. We went out last night and I hate to say it but for once I enjoyed not being in the single seat. We went to a really great restaurant for dinner then to a cozy jazz club for a bit until we decided we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and ended up back at my place. Altogether, especially considering the anticipation and amount of waiting we did, it was the perfect New york city date. No complaints here!

The only problem now is that I have yet again planted a few extra seeds… This is my analogy for the behavior of an active single woman. When you’re single you have to take into account the odds that none of your ventures will work out. So you plant multiple seeds, hoping that one will grow. (this is the same concept found in nature) So now I have Mr. Superbowl, Mr. Flowers, who I went on one date with and who proceeded to send me flowers on Valentine’s Day, and also Mr. Soccer, a boy from my recreational team who has been flirting with me for months and has all of a sudden decided to begin a more active pursuit. Oy vey. I go months and months of NOTHING and now of course it’s everything. When it rains it pours, and I guess a little rain goes a long way for my seedlings…!