The New Girl

by Jane Moneypenny


When I saw the table of my female co-workers at the lunch table giggling and laughing, I automatically thought, “Oh no! I’m not cool!” Having already eaten my lunch at 11 (like I mentioned before, I love my food and thus, am constantly hungry), I had missed out the daily office lunch gathering and the subsequent connecting with my new co-workers. I frantically went looking for some type of food so I could join them, but all I had was a handful of starbursts. Deflated, I went back to my cubicle at the other end of the office and munched on my last fruit chews and wondered if I would ever get into the jive of the office chemistry.

In preparation of it happening again today, I packed a bigger lunch to eat in phases. Yes, I’m a dork, but I didn’t want to feel like an outsider. I had some soup at 11 and then heated up leftover spaghetti at 12:30. To my relief, the rest of the office was also lining up for the microwave and one of the girls smiled at me and said she was going to eat at the table if I wanted to join her. My heart soared! I was in!

Being the new girl has proven to be not as scary as anticipated. Everyone’s been welcoming, friendly and nothing like what happened on “The Office” when Stamford merged with Scranton. I think they’re still confused by me, but hopefully that will change with time.

Moral of the story: Bring a bigger lunch.