Mr. Flowers: Still in the running!

by Penelope Smallbone

flowers!lombardi trophy

The escapade of my dating life continues. After my incredible date with Mr. Superbowl, Mr. Flowers called to see if I wanted to get together. On Sunday night I went to his house for a mini-Oscars party. We had a great time! He was still as funny and cute as I remembered, and we hung out, watched the broadcast, ordered Thai food and drank champagne. (so classy…)

The next day I thought it was time to decide between the two. By Tuesday I had pretty well decided that Flowers would win. He’s closer to my age, geographically closer, and we seem to have better chemistry. But then I talked to my dad. Yes, my dad! He encouraged me to give Superbowl one more date before I count him out. He said it seems like this guy has a lot going for him and that I shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss him.

Yesterday I called Flowers and left a message to thank him for a nice time Sunday. Then Superbowl called me… I couldn’t pick up because I didn’t know what to say! Flowers called me back today and left a nice message… then I called Superbowl and left a nice message, and he called me back. We are meeting up for drinks tomorrow night… So, I suppose Superbowl is getting one more chance and Flowers is also still in the game. Anyone confused and dizzy yet? I am!

And to make matters even more interesting, there is a third man in the mix: enter Mr. Soccer, the boy from my soccer team who I’ve been flirting with via email for the past month. And the team’s spring season starts up next week…!

If you review some of my posts in this blog you can refer to my “dry spell” and lack of serious dating prospects over the past few months. Since last February, almost a year ago, I haven’t really “dated” anyone. I’ve gotten so used to being the fun, single, unattached girl that all this recent attention is pretty mind-boggling! And while I’m ecstatic to have options for once, when it gets down to it I don’t think I really want a boyfriend at all. This conclusion came to me when I was thinking about my upcoming birthday party. It’s about a month away and I realized that I’d have to have this multiple dating thing nailed down by then because they clearly can’t all come to the party. And then I thought, “wait, I don’t really want any of them there because then I can’t flirt with my other guy friends!!” Oh boy. It’s moments like that when I realize how much I am not ready for a committed relationship and really DO love being single!

On a related note, I just got a new computer and was importing my old photo albums into my new iPhoto. All the pictures show up in little previews that flash before you, 1-2-3… I realized how many pictures I have of my life over the past three years and of the truly GREAT times I’ve had. And then I started to realized that most of the really great ones were with my girl friends (and without my old long-term boyfriend.) It was a great feeling to know that when I kicked the “married” life to the curb two years ago I absolutely made the right decision for myself. Anytime I get down, I just remember that this is what I wanted for myself. I’ll take the lowest of low days filled with freedom of choice and action any day over the hum-drum drollery of my old, almost-married , settled life.