I Love New York (reason #542…)

by Penelope Smallbone


Prior to moving to New York City I came to visit during the winter of 06-07 and was here for New year’s eve that year. I hung out with some of my college friends and ended up meeting a guy (a friend of a friend) on Dec 30th. We saw him again the next night at a New year’s party with the same group. That night we ended up hitting it off, flirting the whole night and then sleeping together… several times. Way to ring in the new year! After I got back from my trip we stayed in touch, but after about a month or so our emails became sparse and eventually we just stopped writing back to each other. I guess our guilt about the one-night-stand had receded and we were fine with the fact that we would probably never see each other again.

Until today. I was riding home from work on the subway, deeply involved in the book that Mr. Flowers lent me, when the train stopped, people got off and a seat opened up. The gentleman next to me hesitated, then offered the seat to me instead of taking it for himself. I looked up from my book and started to say “oh no that’s okay…” when I realized, “hey, wait a minute, I know this guy!” He had the same moment of realization and we both kinda looked at each other and said, “Wait a minute… I know you!” So we ended up sitting next to each other the rest of the ride. Caught up on life, work, social lives, etc. The whole interaction was pretty awkward but I don’t think either of us really cared. We were both just blown away by the universe’s ability to continually bring people together when you’re least expecting it.

I am 95% sure I will not see him again, but I thought it was great to have seen him on the subway. It still boggles my mind that in a city of 11 million+ people you’re still able to run into someone you know. (On another note, I ran into one of my old soccer teammates in the east village at 1am on Saturday. so crazy!)

Is this altogether a function of karma? Or just a completely random and unrelated set of events?