The Arrival of Spring Brings…

by Jane Moneypenny

As I mentioned a few entries ago, two friends just announced their pregnancies. Tonight, another bizarre event happened and I need to spill it out before it threatens to sqaush me with the weight.

My good friend C called in the middle of my lonely Friday night as I tackled spring cleaning; I thought he was calling to inform me of his future grad school plans since we agreed to keep in touch. To my surprise, he was engaged! Of course, I screamed in happiness; I love his girlfriend and they are sincerely the two nicest people I know. Truly good genuine people. I actually felt this pure feeling of complete happiness for them. During the screaming of joy with him, and then her, and then him again, another friend from the same group of friends called. I figured he was calling to share in the news of the engagement so I ignored it and continued sending waves of congratulations; I finally asked C if he knew why M would be calling me. And his answer was something I was NOT prepared to hear:

“They (M and his girlfriend J) might have news of their own.”

And then I proceeded to curse from shock (yes, I realize it’s Good Friday). I quickly hang up with C and call the other couple back to find out they, too, are engaged. As in, 3 of my closest friends just got engaged 2 nights apart and both proceeded to call me at the same exact time to announce the news. Of course, more screaming commenced. Truthfully at that point, I was filled with so much happiness that I almost starting crying for joy.

I was just thinking the other day how every time I think I’m done with weddings for awhile (especially being in them), another one pops up. I was maid-of-honor to my best friend in December and right when that ended, Smallbone and I find out our mutual friend EV is engaged and suddenly I’m in wedding party #2. When I thought I would have a breather after EV, #3 and #4 show up on the same night. Actually, make that #5 and #6 because 2 other friends got engaged over Christmas (and of course, who can forget the six wedding invites I got in the mail last year?). Ah, and I also just found out today a close friend’s sister (who I know quite well) got engaged. What the heck is going on? Does Holy Thursday and Good Friday make people act like this? :p Then again, the arrival of spring always brings a new rush of romance and love and all that nonsense. I wish so much I could be with either couple right now to celebrate with them.

And it’s all just starting: the slew of babies and weddings. The really relieving part is I’m completely okay with it; I don’t feel like my clock is ticking at all. I’m overwhelming happy for everyone and maybe that has to do with I finally took control of my own life.

Now I have to figure out how to get back to spring cleaning without bouncing out of my skin from adrenaline.