Getting Older, Getting Drunk, Getting Fat

by Penelope Smallbone

Birthday Cupcake

Though I try to avoid tacky sentimental situations, I can’t help but think and reflect on my life on my birthday. I am always excited to turn a year older, and I enjoy thinking about the possibilities that lie in the next year of my life. Apology in advance if this post is all over the place!

1. An age that consists of even numbers.
24. That is a fantastic age! I hated being 23. There was still a good amount of ambiguity from people who think you still might be in college, and the understanding that you’re just getting started in a career and in life. But twenty-four is an attractive age. (I have a thing for even numbers…) I am officially in my “mid-twenties.”

2. Drink less.
I spent most of today on the couch or in bed. I felt terrible! One of the worst hangovers on record. I drink pretty frequently because there seems to be alcohol served at every event in New York City, but try to limit the liquid amount of my drinking. Sometimes I don’t even want to drink at all, but it’s there, so I do. I guess what I’m saying is that I am going to attempt to drink less. I’m starting to feel more adult-y lately: more responsibility at work, more bills, planning trips, just more stuff to take care of in general. It would probably be good to come home sober more frequently.

3. Eat less?
Maybe my metabolism is slowing, or maybe it’s my increased job stress, or lack of time to exercise properly, but any way you look at it I am getting fat. I recently found proof that it’s not just in my head when I went to the doctor’s office. I’ve gained five pounds. Historically, when I notice a weight gain I just eat healthier, eat less, exercise more, etc, and it all works out. However, right now I’ve been doing all those things and nothing is helping. I wake up each morning feeling heavy, and then I get dressed for work and find that I now have “skinny” and “fat” pants. Yikes! Perhaps completing item #2 will assist in this weight maintenance plan…

4. Keep making and keeping friends.
I realized on my birthday that I have a ridiculous amount of people in my life. And just how many of them felt compelled to give me a shout out on my birthday! I interacted in some way with about 40 people yesterday. Damn! Including two gentlemen who I loosely dated months ago. They actually remembered my birthday, and decided to drop a note. How sweet. 🙂

5. Get it together a little more.
I have always had it together. In college I lived with my boyfriend instead of in the fratty-esque student housing. I had bills, owned and used cleaning products, and I ironed my clothes. I have regressed a little in the past few years. I think it’s time to step it up a notch. I see women everyday who don’t seem to deal with the same difficulties that I do (such as breaking out in a sweat every time I get to the subway, not wearing mismatching shoes during my commute, eating properly in front of people at business functions) These are all things I am capable of. I just need to make the conscious effort to do them.

6. Celebrate freedom.
Last night I toasted to my birthday and to the two year anniversary of “getting out of prison.” Two years ago was when my boyfriend of five years dumped me (or finally let me leave). I think I’m doing a damn fine job on my own!

That’s it for now. Does anyone else do this on their birthday? It’s like a real new year’s resolution!