Untitled (warped view)

by Penelope Smallbone

In direct contrast to Moneypenny’s elegantly written post, I started thinking about all this dating nonsense. Pardon me for the change of tone after that beautiful composition, but I hope, Moneypenny, that you’ll relate to this string of thoughts.

I am twenty-four. I have been in love twice. One of those relationships lasted 5 years. One lasted three months. I know what love feels like, and through the tiny bit of dating experience I’ve had I also know what love does not feel like. For many reasons, I have no desire to get married or settle down until after the age of thirty. My thinking is that when I’m ready and the time is right, the right person will come along and I will know it. Until then there is absolutely no reason to worry about dating or meeting someone. I should just have fun.

So why do I feel the need to date? I was listening to a girl on the subway today talking to her friend about a third friend’s poor relationship decisions. They were dishing about their own romantic adventures and acting as if the dipshit boyfriends in their lives were of utmost importance to their survival. These girls could not have been any older than me… I couldn’t help thinking that everything they were saying was nonsense. I actually thought to myself, “what’s the point? he’s clearly not the right guy for you. move on.” This is really what I believe. So why is it so hard to follow that advice and to remain single?

I am breaking up with Mr. Flowers. I’m not that into him and it’s annoying me that he’s so into me without realizing how I feel. He’s just another filler before I’m ready to find the right one.