A Blogger’s Paradise

by Penelope Smallbone

Today I had one of the most exciting moments of my life. I met one of the “celebrity bloggers” whose site I read on a daily basis. (Yet another advantage of living in NYC: the people who are doing cool stuff actually live here so they are around for the meeting) Granted, this is a blogger whose blog relates solely to life in NYC… but it was exciting nonetheless!

My friend A and I showed up a little early for his hosted event at a bar. We had to catch up on each others’ days so we sat and chatted for awhile before things got going. I totally had my eye on the blogger the whole time, but he was very into getting his questions ready for the trivia event. Then the fabulous Moneypenny showed up with a few more friends, and the trivia night got under way. Our team did extremely well, especially on the “art” category which involved identifying whole logos from one small piece.

Of course I thought the blogger was adorable. After exclaiming this, Moneypenny rolled her eyes at me and said, “Of course you do… I knew it!” However, she is not an avid reader of this blog and surely did not yet understand that I’ve been in love with this guy’s sense of humor since before I even moved to New York. (his was a blog I found when I was curious and reading up about how life would be in my new city) Meeting him and seeing his physical persona was just the next step in my ridiculous crush. I felt almost like a stalker!

At the end of the night I wish I could say that I had actually met my blogger. That I had introduced myself, maybe carried on a conversation, or identified myself as a regular reader. Alas, I am a pussy. I did none of the above, but only made casual, humorous statements about the questions and made minimal eye contact when possible. Like I said… pussy.

(Speaking of which, I never actually broke up with Mr. Flowers. I kind of just let things fizzle and he stopped calling. I am going to send him the sweater he left at my house. I figure that’s the polite thing to do and also the least invasive/hurtful. I am considering attaching a note to the package that reads, “Sorry I’m an asshole,” but I’ll probably just send the sweater.)