Quarterlife & Then Some

by Jane Moneypenny

“Two beef ribs, please!”

The young man behind the counter grinned.

“Get the pork ribs. They’re much better.”

I smiled back and agreed.

“Here’s a third one on the house.” He winked at me and I laughed. While they got my order ready, he continued smiling with a twinkle in his eye and making small talk.

“You from here?”

“Nope, from New Orleans originally, but St. Louis currently.”

“Ooooh. I hate your Cardinals.”

“Mets or Yankees fan?”

“Yankees.” More grinning.

“What? They’re not even in the same league. How can you beat Pujols? One of the best hitters!”

“We have A-Rod!”


He was amused by me and as he packed up my order, offered me more.

“Want some moist beef brisket? It’s our best.”

“Oh no, I’m good, rea-”

“Manny! Some moist beef brisket!”

And that’s how I ended up with triple the amount of meat I asked for and he only charged me $8 (I’m pretty sure it was $25 worth). I think that’s also the most action I’ve seen this year. If you’re ever in NY, hit up Hill Country; it’s authentic Texas BBQ in NYC! Delicious and Blue Bell ice cream (flown in from TX) for dessert. I couldn’t be happier. Blue Bell always makes me happy.

So I’m 25 now. The actual turning of the year was a tad anti-climatic. For such a big age, I had this unrealistic thought of feeling completely differently or of the my head exploding and a shift in my steps. But it was just another day and it’s just another year and I felt the same as when I was 24. It was a busy weekend and it made the picture clearer on my choice for August (I’m going to leave you in suspense). I will say this, however: To many people, going to NY is a huge destination trip. For me, it’s like going to another home (like going to Baton Rouge from New Orleans or Chicago from St. Louis). I’ve been lucky that a large bulk of my friends are there so by the 2nd day in, it feels like I live there.

I thought when I turned 25, I would come armed with a list of changes and resolutions, but I have none. Probably because since the start of 2008, I’ve gone full speed on carpe diem and trying new things and not looking back. So despite the lack of a whack on the head on Saturday, I think I’m just celebrating the 25th through all these new adventures. I mean, I joined the office softball league! For all my love of sports, I’m not stellar in actually playing them, especially softball which hasn’t been in my life since I was in 8th grade P.E. and it was forced.

I’ve also been battling slight loneliness lately on the man front. Apparently, my little “harmless” crush has found a girl, but surprisingly, I’m over it already.

The end of April also means I’m a month closer to a new chapter of my life and it’s time to start planning the giant move home. Work will be insane with a huge launch of a website May 10th, so looks like May will be pushing me hard. The good news? The next time I’m on a plane, I’ll be on my way to Europe.