by Penelope Smallbone

Wow. Night and Day…! You might want to sit down for this post (as if you are usually standing up when reading blogs) because it’s kind of loaded.

As mentioned in my previous post, there are actually 3 very sexy males on my team(s) that I am totally in to. We had our game yesterday and I continued to casually flirt with Mr. Mexico City. I don’t want to seem pushy, so I let him make all the advances this time. He was very chatty and I feel like we talked a lot more than usual (this is SO high school). Anyway, he couldn’t stay for happy hour, but the rest of the team went out for margaritas. Guys 2 and 3 were there. Let’s call them Mr. Soccer and miniSexyD (more on this later). Everyone was making their evening plans and a lot of the guys were planning to go out together that night. Everybody was invited and we all agreed to meet up later that night.

Cut to 12am… I have been flirting with Mr. Soccer since last fall when we met. He is the former roommate of my former coworker so I have hung out with him more than I have with any of the other soccer guys. Mr. Soccer is just a really good guy all around. Really nice, upstanding individual, but I think he’s a little shy. I tend to flirt with him as the fall back plan, like if no one else is around. It’s not very nice of me to do so, but it happens.

Also at the bar was miniSexyD, looking extremely sexy. We all hung out and drank for awhile (Happy tres de mayo) and then walked over to a karaoke bar. We got a room in the basement for our group of about 10. It was a blast! I ended up sitting next to miniSexyD because we both have incredible karaoke skills and sang a few duets. Pretty soon, every song turned into a duet with the two of us sharing a microphone… And pretty soon, Mr. Soccer pointed out that it was 5am. Holy crap! Time flew.

Now here’s the part that’s a little fuzzy. We were all getting ready to leave and miniSexyD made some comment about spending money. And I suggested that we could save money on cab fare by sharing a cab (which is absurd because he lives about 40 blocks the complete other direction)… and I suggested that we could share that cab to my house. He agreed that it would be a great idea to do so. And so we did.

We did a lot of sleeping, since it was already 5:30am when we got home, and not a whole lot else. Some kissing, obviously, but that was it. It was very pleasant. This morning we got up, walked the dog, then went for a lovely brunch on the patio at my favorite restaurant. This was the first time that we’ve actually talked alone and it turns out we have a whole lot in common. He is very intriguing to me, but being the logical/cynical person I am, I have absolutely zero expectations of this ever happening again.

Now to the creepy part. I’ve decided to call him miniSexyD after SexyD, a gentleman I was “seeing” last summer. SexyD was the first man that’s ever hurt me, and probably the only relationship (if you can even call it that) I can’t seem to get over. In a nutshell he was a ridiculously sexy, tall, voluntarily bald (hence my obsession), confident man who works in design and leads a very rich lifestyle (meaning he makes money and spends it on high quality goods that I approve of both for their status and style). I was so blinded by everything that I acted like a fumbling idiot around him and my own confidence and sense of self-worth was pushed out the window. I was insecure, nervous and stupid around him. Not good things.

miniSexyD is also voluntarily bald, lives a very rich lifestyle, is very sexy, and has many of the same quirks as SexyD. Like, to a tee… For example, he feels uncomfortable around all white objects. Kind of scary (and weird, I know, that I am attracted to people with strange OCD habits). The only difference here is that I felt like I didn’t act like an idiot this time. I was witty, cute, smart, sharp… all good things! And yet I know that he will never call me. I don’t know if it’s a genuine gut feeling I’m having or if I’m just getting this situation mixed up with the sexyD saga. I am curious to see how it all unfolds (if at all), but it also prompts the age-old debate about how to get a guy to call. I haven’t quite mastered the concept of being so ridiculously charming and hard-to-get that he MUST call me and see me again. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do it, either. Any advice is appreciated.