Dream Away

by Jane Moneypenny

In exactly one month, I’ll be sitting on a plane to Europe. Athens, to be exact. I find this idea insane. Going to Europe has been a life-long dream of mine and to finally get to live it out seems almost unreal. And to go on my own terms and my own money and without a care in the world (well, except the whole jobless thing) just makes it all the more thrilling! If I really had the time and money, I would backpack for 2 months through all of Europe, but for now, it’ll be 3 weeks of Greece and Italy. The rest will be there for future trips. No worries! Blogging will continue whenever I can find an internet café. There’s no way I’m letting this trip go unrecorded, even if I have to go back to my hand-written journal.

Thinking of Europe got me remember some miscellaneous ridiculous dreams I’ve had:

1) Traveling all over the world and eating everything. And not gaining a pound.
2) Becoming an amazing chef
3) Concert pianist (for at least once night anyways…)
4) Stopping time
5) going to Hogwarts (like we’ve all haven’t thought of it for a second)

Ridiculous and unrealistic is the key, of course. The list is much longer than that, I’m sure (mixed in with realistic possible goals like camping for a week in the Grand Canyon). What are some of your funny dreams, dear readers?

May is moving quickly now, even for being only 5 days in. I reluctantly put my furniture on Craigslist after finding out one of those pods would cost me $4500. I laughed at the woman on the phone when she gave me the quote; after hearing that I was wandering this summer, she said she should get me together with another customer that was traveling the US looking for his perfect fishing lake. When he found it, they would mail his pod to him. I didn’t have heart to tell her there was probably a big age difference between us, but at the same time, I’m intrigued.

To my surprise, the furniture got 30 emails quickly and most of it sold in a day. For whatever reason, I was a bit attached to the furniture (like a bachelor is to his old comfortable armchair or futon), so it was a mixture of disbelief and relief when I sold them (luckily, I get them for a few weeks more). I’ll take it as a sign for me to finally get to go shop at Ikea!

Other than a few meals with friends and some shopping, I spent most of the weekend alone, watching the Cubs/Cards series and NBA playoffs and taking walks out in the gorgeous spring weather. I’m trying incredibly hard not to panic about everything that’s happening and living out every moment possible here before I leave. However the closer I get to the end of May, the more I know I’ve made the right choice. A summer in New Orleans will do wonders for me (and probably fatten me up with all the delicious food I will savor, especially with Nola).

Ah, 25th year, you better be good to me.

*Sorry this entry seemed to be boring and nothing exciting like Smallbone’s fun men adventures. 😛 I just had to mention that Europe was 30 days away!