What Would You Do?

by Penelope Smallbone

This weekend while my roommate was away I found out that she has been charging me 50% more rent than what she pays. Today I confronted her and she explained that her motive for charging more for the room was that she couldn’t afford to stay in the apartment otherwise, and that she wanted to keep her lifestyle so she made the decision to charge more for the room. Way more. Like a 575/925 split for the exact same size room. This is something she failed to tell me. Apparently the timing was never right and then she feared that I would be mad so she just decided not to tell me.

Since I confronted her in a very mature, professional way she offered to take on $75 more of the monthly rent, and also the pending $50 increase in July. Therefore, my rent will actually go down to $850/month. I know it’s expensive to live in NYC, and I probably won’t find anything cheaper in a good/better location. I really do not want to leave this apartment, but on principle I’m not sure if I want to continue living with and being friends with a person who would charge such an outrageous difference in price.

So I pose the question to all you wonderful readers: What would you do? Would you stay, knowing that what you’re paying is completely unfair and are basically financing the roommate’s extravagances? Or would you say “the Hell with you, bitch,” pack up, and move, even though you may not have anything better to look forward to, and in fact might end up in a worse place?

On another note, I stumbled upon $123 on the ground yesterday. Something must be right in the universe…