The Results Are In

by Penelope Smallbone

I have spent the last two years of my life conducting very important research. The conclusion to this research came to me today, when I realized that I’m just not the kind of girl who can handle meaningless hook-ups. Some girls (and many men) seem to have no trouble fooling around with someone late at night, into the wee hours of the morning, and then forgetting that they ever existed. No strings, no attachment, no worrying or stress about calling afterwards. I, on the other hand, have all of these symptoms after a seemingly “meaningless” romp. I simply cannot share an intimate physical experience with someone and not have any emotional backlash about what it all means.

I saw miniSexyD this weekend. Despite the fact that we barely flirted the whole night, he managed to hug and kiss me hello and then hug and kiss me goodnight. I started the week yesterday feeling completely confused. Does he like me? Was he just nervous? Does he just want to be polite and let me down gently? What does it all mean??? Today I caved. I simply cannot wait for the answer to unfold, so I decided to send him a friendly, yet prodding, email:

Hey! It was great seeing you on Saturday again. Glad you could get away from the suburbs for the night.
Are you up for getting together sometime this week?

Six and a half hours later I got a response:

Hi Hi.
What an awful day. I’ve been away from my desk all freakin day. I seem to be really busy all week.
Tomorrow I have a BBQ, Thursday I have dinner with a friend who is going to Singapore to work, Friday seeing Foreigner (yes them) with dad, and Saturday the opera (and a golf tourney which I will probably miss because of dodge ball!)
See ya on Sat though.

Saturday is our final dodgeball game together. I guess I’ll just see him then and then forget anything ever happened. It’s probably for the best

Honestly, a part of me could believe that he is really just busy this week. But the inner cynic/logical/realistic person in me says that he’s probably just not that in to me. And why can’t he just say that if that’s the case? Why do we insist on being so superficial to one another? Why can’t we all just tell it how it is?