His Girl Friday*

by Jane Moneypenny

I wonder if he knows I’m leaving in a week and a half. He’s completely nonchalant tonight as we go through our usual routine of wordlessly communicating what needs to be done. We’ve worked side by side for more than a year now and I can easily predict his next move or email or request. He’s one of the very few men few people that have gained my respect and admiration quickly and never lost it. For someone so young with so much power and ambition, he’s never changed from being loyal, warm, funny and humble. How could a girl not have a crush?

But no worries. It’s one of those joking school-girl crushes. Not those so-called “harmless crushes,” but one that my friends tease me about and which they not-so-secretly also wish he would just profess his undying love for me. But we work together and for someone like him, his company is his child and that will always come first. I think maybe that’s why we’ve always worked so effortlessly together. I’m a workaholic; he’s a workaholic. Weekends and nights are nothing to us and in those late evenings when he treats me to ice cream (because I’ve had a rough day at my 9-5 job) and I file and organize a ridiculous amount of paperwork, I wonder if he’ll miss me when I leave (or why he just won’t grab me and plant a good kiss).

Oh yeah, because he has a girlfriend. A girlfriend who doesn’t understand his work comes first and popped up one night a few months ago with cookies and milk to finally see who spent so many weeknights with her ridiculously attractive perfect boyfriend. I don’t blame her; I would have done the same thing. She was tall and slender and gorgeous and I wanted to laugh at her and point out he’s the loyal good boyfriend kind and with her looks, she really has nothing to worry about. In the beginning, I spent more time with him than her: got more phone calls for supplies or booking a planet ticket or an early ride to the airport. So despite my hatred for milk, I drank it because I didn’t want to be that girl in her life that no matter how secure she is, can’t help but slightly worry about. Because I’ve been there and it pokes and pricks at your side and festers until it leads to a very angry “let’s talk” or end of a relationship.

He’s been nothing but supportive of this giant change in my life although we somehow keep avoiding the talk about the end of our working relationship. He and the company will be fine without me, of course. I’m just a girl that helps manage their lives once in awhile or runs over with a case of Coronas because he knows the board members have better meetings with a little liquor. He has a list of nicknames for me and each one makes me burst out laughing because of his sheer enthusiasm when he greets me.

So yeah, we’ll never date and yeah, I’ll never get that really good kiss, but he’s set the precedence for the kind of guy I should date. The kind that knows my favorite ice cream and buys 2 pints of it for my birthday and always tells me the truth. Honesty and dessert. What more could a girl ask for?

*They call me Moneypenny for a reason. 😛