The Mother and Other

by Penelope Smallbone

I will be MIA for the holiday weekend (as I have been all week as well!) because my Mom is here visiting me! It’s the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to host her and show her around my great city without my dad. Last night we kicked everything off with a fabulous sushi dinner with my gal pals (with wine!) and then we walked over to the beer hall and shared a round with some of my d-ball friends who were in the area. I successfully got my mom tipsy, and she is still in bed as I’m getting ready for work today. Wee! It’s going to be a great weekend.

I have a few other random comments, which you should feel free to respond to.

On the walk to dinner last night (with my mother of all people) we passed SexyD on the street. Holy shit! I have been *dreaming* of this moment for months. Even though it’s been almost a year since we hooked up, I still keep an eye out for him on the street. It’s just a weird subconscious thing, like I know he could come around the corner at any moment and make me feel 2 feet tall again. Aside from being completely startled last night, I was actually mid-laugh when I saw him. It was exactly like a scene in the movie where the girl is actually laughing and then sees her long-lost something-or-other and stops mid-sentence. Well, I made sure to let him see that I am doing just fine. I gave him a very direct, eye-contact filled look, to which he replied a very direct, smug look. And after we passed I quietly leaned over to my friend who has only heard of but never met him, “So… that was SexyD…” She flipped. And I moved on.

The friend who I met up with at the beer hall is one of the great guys on my d-ball team. He’s really gentle and sweet and has an awesome Ukrainian girlfriend. He totally came to my bday party and I will probably love him forever for that! He got laid off from his banking job this week and seemed really happy about it! He was out drinking last night in celebration of finally having free time on a weeknight. Hooray! His roommate is Mr. Mexico City, who you may remember as the steamy voluntarily bald and highly uninterested fellow from my team. Well, last night I asked if Mr. Mexico City is “eligible.” The official word from his roommate is: “Single, yes. Eligible…. no. Mr. Mexico City hooks up with girls left and right, but if you want to actually date him I wouldn’t recommend it. He likes to sleep with people and not call them. Really, he enjoys the hunt. If a girl is totally in to him she should play hard to get. Otherwise, he’ll lose interest and move on.” There you have it. The official word.