Surprising Anger & Gustav

by Jane Moneypenny

Okay, I’m worried now. Actually, it’s a mixture of panic, worry, anger, bitterness, annoyance and pretty much every emotion possible. I’m hiding out in Houston until I drive the last few hours to Austin; as much as I don’t like it here, I feel better surrounded by friends from New Orleans. There’s a certain level of understanding and comfort and just the right amount of joking with them, which leads to my feelings of anger and annoyance.

Maybe this isn’t the time to think about these things, but given that there’s not much to do, I’ve got little else to do and I really need to get it off my chest. Obviously, I can’t stop the hurricane or what happens after, but what would help would be people being more understanding. And by people, I mean friends. Apparently the rest of America is clueless that there’s a hurricane barreling (category 4!) towards the gulf. I get it; it’s easy to get lost in your own life when something like that is happening so far away, but for someone like me that relies strongly on my friends, the situation is peeving me.

The same thing happened after Katrina; the closest ones to me just didn’t seem to care or ask or want to know. And it’s not to say they’re cold people (or I wouldn’t be friends with them), but the lack of understanding or general worry sent me into a rough time that year. And now with Gustav on the horizon, I’m beginnig to feel that frustration against those who just shrug their shoulders. The ironic thing is, the friends that I barely talk to or keep in touch randomly, have reached out. But yet the ones that I consider important and crucial in my life don’t even bat an eye.

“Oh, what? A hurricane is coming? Oh, good luck with moving.”

“Oh, how come you left? Well, I’m off for a great 4-day weekend of drunken partying.”

I don’t know. Maybe this anger isn’t warranted, but I don’t really know how else to feel. I worry about my friends that volunteered to work at the hospitals; I worry about my best friend’s father that is sick; I worry about my sanity in the coming week at this new job. I know I have to let go of this anger or it’ll chew me up inside, but when things like this happen, the last thing you think want to worry about is if you’ll have the emotional support.

Stay safe, everyone.