Learning from the Experts

by Jane Moneypenny

“If you want the guys to notice, you gotta dress for them to notice.”

I balked at my new friend Mary, a gorgeous 33- year Brazilian that I’m in awe of. She does cross-fit, works out daily, has an amazing body and a trail of men following her.

“It’s not that easy! They see me a one of the guys.”

“It doesn’t matter. Be who you are; don’t change that, but don’t be afraid to be sexy either. Sometimes at practice, I tie my shirt up to show off my abs.”

I burst out laughing and tell her I have no abs.

“But you have cleavage and you’re sexy. Trust me. You already went and got a drastic risky new haircut [I did and debating if I hate or love it]. You’re on you way.”

A few minutes later, I watch her swiftly put her new man into place. He wanted her to meet him at a bar a bit away from where we were.

“What? You want a girl to walk alone downtown at night?”

And voila! He showed up, even thought he was about to go to bed an hour before.

Now that’s what I call mad skills. I have a LOT to learn.