The Aftermath of the One-Night Stand

by Jane Moneypenny

In the aftermath of my first “one-night stand,” I was surprised to find myself handling it so well. Carefree, calm, nonchalant. It was a fun time with an attractive nice guy and for once, no emotional baggage from my side.

The thing about the aftermath of a one night stand is (having never been in this place before), I have no idea what to do. The obvious answer is “nothing.” After all, that IS the point of the ONE NIGHT part of it, but this is all new to me. I don’t plan for this to be my introduction to sleeping around or ever going down that slippery slope, but this week, I find myself grasping at mixed emotions.

There is absolute no regret, but I’ve never been great at just letting things be without analyzing it to death. And not that I’m analyzing that night, but rather what I do now. Do I say, “Life is short. Carpe diem! Reach out to him and stay in touch”? While not in Austin, he’s not far either, so I left a friendly message saying to call me up when he’s in town again and I would be down to visit them in the next few months (he left an invite on the table when we parted ways). No strings attached, no pressure, just friendly outreach.

Of course, there’s been on response, no reply, no indication anything ever happened. Which, in truth, is the way these things are supposed to work. I’m not looking for anything and he’s not either, I’m sure, but I’m not going to lie and say it’ll be nice to get to know each other as friends. I’ve done my part and can walk away saying “Hey, I tried.”

Now if I can get rid of these anxious feelings in my chest…