Brawn vs Brain

by Jane Moneypenny

After 10 months of not a single bit of action, even kissing, the planets have aligned for a bizarre few weeks.

This is a long one, folks. My life is actually interesting this week.

Part of selling my soul to the corporate world means going on actual business trips, including training for new hires. So when I found out that the attractive funny co-worker was also in our small group heading to Santa Monica, I was excited to finally have a conversation with him. Since we don’t work together, we never had a conversation; I wasn’t sure if he even knew I existed!

Long story short, when we started talking, I found that we had a lot in common, both in world views, careers and endless wanderlust. During the cocktail hour the first night, we would catch the other’s eyes across the crowd and grin at the awkwardness of meeting new people. As time went by, he went from checking his email while kneeling at the foot of the bed to sitting on the bed to lying on the bed. I would even go as far to say that we had become friends (phone numbers exchanged the first day as we walked along the beach eating ice cream).

And in all cases of conferences, the last night is always the biggest party of it all. Good food, all alcohol paid for and a group of employees happy not to be at work. At 2am, as the group settled in a pool cabana at the hotel, we wandered to our own and proceeded to talk for hours until he had relatively sobered up and about to fall asleep.

Fall asleep? Yeah, right. After hours, he finally made a move (after massaging my calf when I pulled a muscle) and sleepily ducked his head and mumbled that wanted to kiss me. So yes, at 4am on a cool fall night, I found myself making out with a co-worker (witty banter included) in a heated cabana by the pool. Neither one of us could stay awake much longer and after an embarrassing walk pass the cleaning crew and back down to fix my non-working room card, we both crashed hard.

As of now, no bad awkwardness. We agreed to keep it quiet to avoid an HR nightmare or being the tail end of gossip. Not being able to sit on this big of a story, I had to tell my closest girlfriends at work – I have 100% trust in them – and their reaction seemed to validate everything. Since all of them have boyfriends, their main reply was, “I’m so jealous! He’s so cute. And funny. And awesome (insert increasing number of exclamation points).”

As for the semantics, as much as I like him and would love to see where it goes, we DO work together and that’s an iffy situation. At the same time, it’s rare to meet someone and have such a connection. Either way, if it took him forever to kiss me, I can’t imagine how long it’ll take to ask me out (trust me, I’ve given him numerous opportunities). As tempting as it is to make the first move, I’m tired of always being the first to connect after a hook-up and getting no response and feeling defeated. Since I see him every day, my anxiety level on the situation is surprisingly slow since there’s no constant voice in my head wondering, “When will I see him again? What if he never talks to me again?.” So I’m going to take a breather and sit on this one and just let it roll. See how much I’ve matured? 😉

On the other hand, there’s Mr. One Night Stand (ONS), who as of last night, became Mr. TNS.

After hearing some disturbing news about my ex (I’ll save this for another day), I decided I needed a break from all the emotions (and the thoughts of cute Mr. Co-Worker). I bit the bullet yesterday and drove 4 hours south to visit my best friend’s husband Mark and Mr. ONS (I’ve been promising to visit the first for months). I’m not going to lie. I really thought I was over the ONS, especially after the great time with Mr. Co-Worker, but the moment I saw Mr. ONS, I think my heart rate sped up. I forgot how hot he was! Like truly attractive with amazing arms and warm eyes. The initial greeting was incredibly awkward but as the hours sped by, he warmed up, especially when he found out I was staying in town for the night.

When Mark and Mr. ONS’s roommate fell asleep from wine and bad movie watching, we snuck upstairs to watch another movie. But, of course, in these cases, the movie is watched for about ten minutes before someone makes a move.

I’ll be the first to admit, my experiences with men in the department are relatively limited compared to the average girl my age. But after last night, I’ve realized that my exes had it all wrong. Really wrong. Last night, I didn’t wish it would be over quicker or grit my teeth when it got painful. For the first time, there was no “let’s kiss so I can go for the boob grab right away” (why do all guys do this?!). He was completely okay with just kissing and rubbing my back and arms. Eventually, it became like a hot scene from a movie (insert co-blogger Smallbone: “that’s the way it’s supposed to be!”). I think I just upped my standards to an entire new level because Mr. ONS (TNS) is an amazing kisser (among other things; hee!).

Seeing this has all happened in a the last month, I’m sure something kooky is going on with life alignment. Most likely, my reign of guy attention (I really need to stop hooking up with drunk guys) is over today, but for whatever its worth, it definitely evened my fluctuating anxiety over the two guys.

Now back to the original programming of boredom and non-excitement (have I only been here for 3 months?!).