Here Comes the Bride (and Jane going broke)

by Jane Moneypenny

Dear, 5 friends getting married in the next 4 months,

Please do not be offended when I say this, but your weddings are bankrupting me.

Thank you and congratulations,

Jane Moneypenny

I am not a hater of weddings. Far from it, but when you decide to put your wedding in the middle of nowhere Mississippi where neither of your families are from, I’m going bitch a little. Because flights to the nearest big city aren’t cheap. Throw a rental car, gas and hotel room on top of that and I’m about to spend half a grand for one night. A stripper would probably be cheaper!

Sorry, readers, but it’s that time of year. In a few weeks, I “jet” off to my first wedding in the previously mentioned MS. Because they are dear and close friends, I have no choice in skipping this wedding. I was one of the first people they called to announce the engagement and I couldn’t live with the guilt of not going.

The weekend after that, I fly off to Big Bear Lake (2 hours outside of Ontario) for my college roommate’s wedding. It’s going to be a beautiful intimate wedding and another one I absolutely cannot miss. More money and more headaches of how to get where I need to.

In August, my co-worker gets married (in Austin, thankfully), but a gift will put me back another amount. In October, 2 more weddings, both in New Orleans and 2 weeks apart, causing a travel nightmare. 3 of the above mentioned couples are in the same group of friends, meaning different dresses.

I really don’t mind weddings. If anything, I love helping friends plan, but the amount of money spent is astounding to me. And the ones that have gotten married (yay for growing up in the South!) are starting to pop out babies.

If I ever get hitched, please don’t be offended when I don’t invite you to my elopement.

Over and out.