Climb Every Mountain

by Jane Moneypenny

Girl sees hot guy.

Girl trips over feet as turning.

Girl falls flat on her face.

Hot guy’s mom heads over but stops as hot guy makes sure I didn’t twist my ankle.

General response: “Jane, if you fall while walking in flip flops, how are you going to make it up Mount Kilimanjaro?”

Yes, you heard/read right. In September, I’m using all my vacation days and going to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro. And I’m freaking out. Freaking out about being away from work for 2 weeks, panicking about lack of internet (I’m a geek!) for so long, not making it up the summit, being ditched, altitude sickness, etc, etc etc.

When the idea first came out, I laughed. I’ve never hiked a mountain in my life; I don’t even own hiking boots. But before I knew it, things were falling into place. Work was okay with it, my parents encouraged it, all my co-workers said I had to. Half my friends were excited for me; the other half are shocked and in disbelief that I can pull this off.

But you know what? I’m young, single, and always looking for a challenge and adventure. So here I go!