Coconuts & 2010

by Jane Moneypenny

In the year of insane Jane things to do, I’ve come up with another. And I’m keeping it a secret (well, as secret as the world wide web can get).

On the heels of an incredible trip to Puerto Rico with 3 friends (2 of who do triathlons), I realized a desperate need to lose weight, get in better shape and swim better. Despite taking the first steps of swim lessons this past summer, hiking Kilimanjaro and being on a year-round paddling team, I still feel like it’s a struggle with weight and keeping up with others.

When hiking, I walk slow, mostly due to an innate clumsiness that will lead to numerous rolled ankles if I try to keep up with everyone else. When I swim, I still panic in the deep end even though I know better (although I finally accomplished floating this year). And running is an entire other story. It’s pathetic that I can’t go more than 0.2 mile before I give up. But like everything in my life, I will enter with ridiculous enthusiasm and hope I don’t die out like I did with jazz piano.

With 2010 around the corner, my goal is to find small successes and victories instead of huge sweeping ideas of life change. A week in Puerto Rico cleared my head in a way that Africa didn’t. There were no thoughts of Pen or Mr. Anti-Committement or any men, for that matter (mostly because one of the guys in the group was a ridiculously hot toned athlete from Europe). It did make me face things I want to fix about myself: a need to slow down, relax and let life happen.

Other goals? Learn how to salsa and get better at photography (I FINALLY allowed myself to get the DSLR I’ve been debating about for 2 years).