A Little Thing Called Confidence

by Jane Moneypenny

I’ve realized recently I have a slight obsession with hobbies, as well as never sticking with them. This last year alone, I’ve gotten into boot camp, swimming, hiking Kilimanjaro, a safari, photography, yoga, jazz piano and book club. Because of my possible ADD and desire to try and do everything, I’ve become a mediocre Renaissance woman, dabbling in everything possible. I wish I could just focus on one and get great at it, but my I’m too restless and anytime I see an opportunity to learn, I grab it. Needless to say, my mind is rarely quiet. Curses from being Type A.

Mel wrote a great blog today about confidence and finding 5 things you’re confident about and celebrating them. I am the rocking reigning queen of self-deprecating humor, tinged with sarcasm that ends up being a little too biting sometimes. Growing up in a Chinese culture, Catholic society and being the oldest, I’ve never been good at taking compliments or finding what’s good about myself. So along with my resolutions mentioned in the last entry, I’m going to focus on finding confidence, as hard as it will be.

5 Things I’m Confident About

1. Wit and humor: I’ve been told I’m a funny girl, especially when it comes to trading banter. And finding humor in the non-funny, like getting lost.

2. Desire for adventure: I will always try my best to live life to the fullest, even if I’m scared out of my mind.

3. My smile: A friend told me awhile ago I seem to have the same “brilliant grin” in all my pictures and he jokingly wished I would change it up sometimes. I’ve tried, but I can’t help it. I smile big and it cheered up the DMV photographer when I got my license at 16 so I will continue smiling big!

(This is getting hard…I’m was struggling after 2. How am I going to find 5?!)

4. Independence: Actually, I’m really confident about this aspect of me. I, like many, left for college at 18, became financially independent at graduation. Now, at the age of 26, I have a financial consultant, CPA, a condo that I rent out,  a car that I paid for myself, a good secure job (even if I hate it), mutual funds for dire emergencies, my own IRA separate of work’s 401K, a network of professionals and resources and some decent cooking skills. Not too bad for a girl in her mid-20s (I refuse to say late 20s until April).

5. Low-maintenanced: This is an iffy one. Low-maintenance has often blurred with low standards and it’s something I need to differentiate, especially with guys. But overall, I’m confident not having the latest fashions, expensive shoes or wearing makeup (for sheer reasons of laziness, not because I’m confident in my looks).

That was a lot harder than I thought. Good thing the task wasn’t to list 10. My first instinct was to list 5 things I need to work on right after the confident list, but for today, I think I’ll put that in the back and be confident in the things I’m good at.