Single Awesomness Day

by Jane Moneypenny

We had a girls’ night and saw Valentine’s Day. It happened to be the night that an entire high school dance team was also there. All the girls were big fans; as usual, I was eh (don’t get me wrong, I loved “Love Actually”). I’m a harsh movie critic as it is. Or I have problems with things that are over the top cheesy and slightly lame and too perfect. The girls told me that’s why movies are great – suspending belief and living in a world that isn’t real. I guess that’s also why I never get as obsessed with LOST.

There’s been something nagging in my chest all day. Maybe it’s the flood of people fleeing work. In the past 5 months, we’ve lost 9 people to other jobs, 2 to lay-offs. I was never great with people leaving or me leaving places. But I know it’s coming and if I want to move forward in my career and be inspired, I need to find a new job.

Maybe the movie left me sadder than it should have. Or the annoyance that there can’t be a movie about some kick-ass single people and how awesome they are. But that’s also unrealistic; people want to see the love story, want to see the girl get the guy after years of pining, the dorky guy get the popular girl… and it makes me worry that I grip so hard onto my “single” label and independence that I’ll always be a little resistant to this supposed all-consuming love. There’s no such thing as perfection, of course, but I wonder if I’ll ever really feel that excitement and thrill again of being loved.

After working ridiculous hours the last 3 weeks, I opted to stay in tonight despite more exciting plans. There’s a bit of loneliness lingering but hey, I’ve been here before and tomorrow comes and everything’s fine again.