The Opposite of Eat Pray Love

by Jane Moneypenny

Like many women across the nation, I sat down for a very anticipated (albeit long) “Eat Pray Love.” Like others, I had read the book at the right time in my life, right before I was moving out of St. Louis and onto my backpacking Europe trip. I remember how much I related (despite the fact I had never been close to anything resembling marriage) and kicked me in the ass, opening my eyes to the big world that I needed to marvel at.

Almost 2 years later, I have a different life in a new city; I’ve traveled to Athens, Greek islands, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Tanzania, Puerto Rico and up the entire California coast.

The movie wasn’t so great (as much as I do love Julia Roberts) and lost me at the India/pray section, as it did in the book. But, it DID remind me of my wanderlust and love of adventure. Money is low, savings are still replenishing, time off is non-existent, but seeing all the scenery made me ache for adventure, amazing food and  love.

But for now, I’ve got a sprained toe, Nutrisystem diet and non-existent love life.

All in good time, right?