You Better Belize

by Jane Moneypenny

Belize was, in a word, adventurous. Not being one for laying on the beach (my older co-workers insist this will change over time), I filled the week with snorkeling, caving, climbing ruins, hiking and of course, eating. I wanted adventure and I got it in doses.

Belize is a funny country. English is the official language and it’s a great melting pot of so many people: Mayans, Mestizos, Kriols,  Spanish and Chinese (we really are everywhere!). Belize City is a dump and while the beaches aren’t nearly as beautiful as Greece or Puerto Rico, it is a country for true travelers. Everyone we met had been all over the world, either traveling for months straight or checking off their list of countries to visit. There were few “tourists” and for that, I love Belize.

Snorkeling in one of the biggest barrier reefs in the world was a highlight! Staying on the 5-mile long Caye Caulker with no cars and cheap fresh delicious seafood was relaxing. Spelunking in a pitch-dark ancient Mayan cave is now on the top 5 experiences of my life. Seeing the real Belize– the little towns, communities– is something not many people do and should. Even crossing the border into Guatemala for the great ruins of Tikal was exciting.

At this rate, I’m averaging 2-3 countries a year since 2008. My passport expires in 2018. Can I keep going? My friend thinks we should quit life in a year, save up 20K and travel for 6 months around the globe.

You know, I think it just might be something to aim for.