I’m Alive in 2011!

by Jane Moneypenny

Happy 2011.

I know, it’s been awhile. In the few weeks of the new year, I keep coming to write and then stalling, despite the WordPress challenge of writing once a day or once a week. Creativity seems to be at a standstill for me as of late.

I rang in the new year not as quietly as I did the last 2 years (alone in Austin), but with a group of old friends on a balcony that had seen us change and grow for 10 years. Per New Orleans new year’s tradition, it was foggy; the balcony wasn’t nearly as packed as it used to be when we were teenagers, but standing there, with a cup of champagne and actually seeing the fireworks for once, I felt at peace for a moment.

We take a walk around the lagoon and golf course, giggling in the darkness. Chris, and I stray behind the group, catching up.

He throws his arms around me, “I don’t know why you’re single, Jane. If I was single, I would think you were awesome. I mean, I think you’re awesome.”

From any other guy, it would have come off forced, but from one of my oldest friends, it was nothing but sincere and heartfelt. We both laugh and he gives me a brotherly sideways hug. The group is expanding yearly with new spouses, significant others and even babies. His wife looks back and waves at us from ahead; we wave back as he tries to think of decent men to send my way.

2011 seems not as momentous as 2010 and it seems like one giant fog of what the future will bring. I already started rock climbing lessons, more photography classes, continuing tennis and saving money for whatever trips that may come my way. But what it really comes down to for resolutions this year is beaching true to myself, taking better care of myself, sleeping more. Do what I want and what helps me find that ever-missing peace I’m always seeking. If it makes taking harmonica lessons, then alright (true story, I signed up for harmonica).

Here’s to a year of laughter, love and learning.