Entering the Late 20s

by Jane Moneypenny

“I got married when I was 28.” – my mother

The late 20s came suddenly. I was holding onto 27 as mid-20s, but apparently once you reach 28, “mid” can no longer be used. For the first time, I took a hand in actively doing something for myself and celebrated the turn in wonderful Barcelona.

Barcelona filled my heart with reminders of why I love Europe: Being awestruck in the presence of Gaudi architecture, smelling the ocean as I ate fresh seafood paella, yelling with the crowds during the Barca-R.Madrid game and not worrying about rushing through life, but really enjoying it. That is the beauty of traveling for me.

Sagrada Familia

Falling in loved with Gaudi


The most delicious paella in Sitges.

Montjuic Magic Fountain

Montjuic Magic Fountain

After I returned, my rent increased and I was given the option to lock down the price for 2 years. What was more startling was the realization that I’ll be 30 then. Will I still be doing the same thing in 2013?  Living life at full speed?

I regularly read a great blog, Zen Habits; the writer recently urned 38 and wrote a great piece on 38 things he’s learned. Given that, what do I wish for my 28th year? More travels, of course. But more than anything, I hope to remember life is lived in moments. I’ve never believed that happiness is a destination, but rather the side effect of the journey. It’s time to slow down and not rush through life as if it’s a race. Linger in the relaxation. Savor the quietness. Stop putting up with the bullshit of the people that are bad for me.

And for goodness sake, win the lottery so I can travel the world and eat everything!