Here We Go Again

by Jane Moneypenny

I must be a masochist. Kilimanjaro almost killed me with attitude, but in my never-ending quest to live life, I’ve decided to (tentatively) hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu over Thanksgiving. Hopefully, this time, a few days in the city to acclimate, chewing cocoa leaves and avoiding Diomox will push off the altitude sickness.

The irony is that I actually hate hiking. I don’t know why I keep doing it, but sometime during the hike, I always wonder to myself “WHY?!” Whatever the case, I desperately want to see Machu Picchu and because I rarely ever take the road less traveled, I’m going to hike it instead of riding the train. I’m not going to deny that I have a wide range of fear here.

So of course, the training begins. Walking treadmills on an incline, getting a lot of card in through paddling, tennis and swimming. Despite this, I’ve had a stubborn 20lbs that hasn’t gone away in years. I tell this plan to a friend (a size 0 friend, mind you):

“Oh! Wow! You’re already so pretty. If you lose 20lbs, you’ll be HOT.”*

Yeah, time to lose weight apparently.

Or, I just need new friends.

*Noted to say, this is the second friend to tell me this. Actually, the last person to tell me this was the friend that just got married and denies ever having said this: “If you worked out, you’ll be hot.”