Entering the D World

by Jane Moneypenny

“Jane, please go get refitted. It’s been like 10 years.”

I have been in deep denial that I’m a D-cup for years. People have insisted and refused to believe me that I’m a 38C (I honestly did get measured…years ago). While talking to a friend about how I hate strapless bra cups and the way they stick out, she said it was time for me to get refitted because a proper bra didn’t do this. So she went me to this little boutique that she buys all her lady things at.

At this point, I’ve warmed to the idea I’m a D. It’s not THAT bad. If it solves the stupid strapless bra issue, I’ll take it. I’m a little intimidated when I walk in (this is the same girl that avoided Victoria Secret for years in college) but everyone is super friendly. She takes me to the back room, measures me and runs off.

The result: 34DDD. What. The. Hell? I didn’t even now DDD existed. It was nice to know I’m not that wide around, but DDD?! I mean, why is there an AAA and DDD, but no BBB or CCC? I’m pretty sure I yelped in surprise.

So now as I try to become more grown-up and wear proper undergarments, I’ve entered the dark side and own a very nice proper-fitting DDD (seriously, wtf?) bra that doesn’t do the cup thing.

Whatever, I’m still hiking the Inca Trail in my 38C sports bra.