by Jane Moneypenny

Life has been #winning this last week. This post will mean nothing to 99.99% of the world. That .01% are girls in STL that understand most of the below:

  • My dragon boat team FINALLY wins 1st after 3 years at this hellish race. It was a glorious win.
  • Saints win 62 against the Colts. Kinda pointless seeing they lost horribly to the Rams the next week.
  • I got to go to a World Series game: a big dream for me. Even though it was Arlington and my team lost and I got no sleep making the drive to and from Arlington in one night…
  • And of course, my beloved Cardinals won the World Series after a thrilling, heart-stopping Game 6 and domination in Game 7.

But most importantly, I think I may be in love with NLCS/MVP World Series David Freese. No, I am in love. Baby blue eyes, hell of a hitter, humble guy and of course, he’s in a Cardinals uniform! Oh, and he’s single and my age (and only 2 days younger than me). Anyone? Anyone?