Coming Around the Corner, Here She Comes

by Jane Moneypenny

Men search: Tepid.

Job search: Warm.

Trip search: HOT!

Yes, I’m off on another adventure soon. A close friend is getting married in Lörrach, Germany, near the Switzerland border at the end of March. Although I was hesitant at first since Germany was never high on my list, I’ve long ago established taking travel chances when the fall into my lap. Next thing I knew, I had wrangled two new Austin friends to joining me and our trip snowballed from traversing around southern Germany and some of Switzerland into Germany, Switzerland and Austria in ten days.

But then my flight stalking proved fruitless when the flight went up $120 right when I hit purchase to confirm. Ten minutes later, we made the crazy idea to fly out of Budapest because a $797 flight (especially out of Austin) is too hard not to grab.

Tentative itinerary:

Basel > Lörrach (wedding) > Interlaken (adventure!) > Munich > Vienna  > Budapest.

In twenty minutes, I purchased a flight after the last moment Budapest addition, sprained my ankle when I literally slammed into a co-worker running to ace a phone interview with HR for a job prospect.

So despite the fact my ankle is swollen and I have to miss the gym and tennis for a week, I’m gloriously happy because on two months, I’ll be off to my happy place.