by Jane Moneypenny

“How old are you?”

The hair stylists asks me as she stares at my face.

“I’m about to be 29 on Thursday. Ugh.”

She gapes at me in disbelief.

“That’s impossible. I thought you were 22 or 23. You have no wrinkles!”

My response: “You get wrinkles at 29?!”

After posting this funny exchange on Facebook, I got a lot of girls laughing at me because apparently many women in theirs 20s have wrinkles, especially mothers. Thank God for Asian genetics, huh?

I’m still in a little bit of denial about coming one year closer to 30, no matter how many people tell me the 30s were the best time of their lives. At this point, I feel myself inching close to another life crisis, simliar to the quarterlife one I had a few years ago.

I have a good active healthy life, love the city I’m in, have good friends after filtering out the bad ones. Despite all this, I feel like I’m running in place and going nowhere. The job search is brutally hard and empty, the guy situation is bleak (someone broke a 1st date with me last minute because he couldn’t handle my non-drinking choice) and I’m giving up on the idea I’ll ever like running.

First world problems. It’ll work itself out, right? Just gotta keep on keepin’ on.