How do you know each other?
We went to school together in the good ole’ Midwest at an university that shall not be named in St. Louis. Moneypenny is a year older than Smallbone; they met in design studio. Ah, art school.

Are those your real names?
If only. Google or Wikipedia it up.

What exactly do you do?
We both started in graphic designer, slave to clients and lovers of technology and this thing called the world wide web. And we really like food. Anytime we’re together, Steak-n-Shake is a must-stop.

Moneypenny grew up in the dirty south in New Orleans; Smallbone in the land of toasted ravioli and Budweiser, St. Louis. Smallbone had a life change in 2007 and moved to NYC. She recently returned to grad school and very much enjoying being back in studio. Since September 2008, Moneypenny has been in Austin, constantly seeking adventure, a new job and money for travel. Since the summer of that quarterlife criss, she’s gone to London, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, road trip up the California coast, Belize and Guatemala.

Y’all really like boys, huh?
No, we like men. And we’re angsty sometimes because that’s what girls do. But we’re working on the growing up thing.

Why are you anti-relationship?
Nah, not anti-relationship; rather pro-single and anti-being-with-the-wrong-person. We just find being single an asset and a great opportunity to stand on your own, rather than lamenting about the fear of being lonely and alone.

Why did you start this crazy blog?
Because we like to talk and over analyze. After many many late night Steak-n-Shake runs and phone conversations, we realized other people must be experiencing similar issues with this thing called life.

What now?
Read and comment. Please. We’re comment whores.